What We Do

Women of the World exists to help women near and far, locally and internationally. Through international ministry partnerships, Thirst conferences, equipping leaders and education, WOTW seeks to change the lives of women and their families across the world.

  1. International Ministry Partnerships

    Ministry partnerships are at the core of Women of the World’s mission. We seek to serve the international church; provide experts in family counseling, psychology, ministry and teaching to international churches and organizations; and expose people to the needs of the international community.

  2. Thirst Conferences

    Both locally and internationally, Women of the World holds I Thirst For You spiritual rejuvenation conferences to empower ministers and believers. Thirst conferences are a time for ministers to find fellowship and encouragement from each other and experience the presence of God during times or hardship or drought.

  3. Education Expansion

    The core part of any community is its future, its children. Women of the World seeks to spread strong, Christian roots in international communities while still aiding women and their communities. Partnering with Women of the World, stateside schools, individuals, school districts and organizations  provide financial support and materials to equip students, teachers, and educational institutions to operate. Furthermore, WOTW works with higher education institutions through guest lectures and preaching during spiritual emphasis weeks.

  4. Equipping Women Leaders

    Through all of the our programs, WOTW seeks to raise women leaders in business, schools, ministries and communities. We believe education and empowerment can reveal a women’s unique talents in business, ministry, education or more, all of which will further God’s kingdom and aid their communities, their families, and the Church.

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