Women of the World International (WOTW) partners with Jyoti and Pradeep Shekhawat, the founders and leaders of Light, Life, and Freedom to rescue children out of sex trafficking in New Delhi, India. Jyoti and Pradeep are Indian nationals who met and married while serving in the Indian military. Both are committed Christ followers and lawyers who have an incredible passion to defend and protect children who are victims of human trafficking. Because of their passion, legal expertise and hearts for rescuing enslaved children, they founded Light Life Freedom in 2015. This powerful couple love the children of India, even those who others would consider trash. Along with the home for rescued children, this dynamic couple help slum children in the surrounding areas by providing free education through a school they began. Jyoti and Pradeep face constant opposition due to a corrupt legal system and rampant bribery of officials. The brothel pimps and madams are constantly attempting to have the court systems return these rescued children to the brothel prison. Some children have been kidnapped from the Light, Life, Freedom center after being rescued. Although they face much opposition and danger, as lawyers they are attempting to use the legal system of India to protect the most vulnerable from a life of abuse and torture. With your financial partnership, they can continue to rescue children, defend them in the court system, and provide their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. WOTW leaders visit the children at Light, Life, Freedom every February to celebrate Christmas, evaluate the progress of the children, encourage Jyoti and Pradeep, and determine future organzational needs that require financial support.